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"I have been in the military for 33.5 years. As a result of playing sports as a young man, military duties, PT tests, genetics, and some bad luck I ended up having my neck fused at C3/4 in Feb 2021. The surgery was a success for the most part, but I had lingering neck stiffness that often turned into headaches that caused me to be unable to focus or function and often times forced me to miss work. I started seeing Dr. Fielhaber in August with a recommendation by my primary care manager (PCM). I want to emphasize that my PCM is not a big believer in a lot of chiropractic care techniques so the fact that he recommended Dr. Fielhaber and Cornerstone Chiropractic means a lot. First visit they do a complete diagnostic test on you to determine your specific treatment plan. After that they work with you to tweak the plan to fit your needs. Since I have started my treatments I still have neck stiffness, but it no longer turns into the debilitating headaches. I love to golf, prior to starting my treatments if I played a round it was most certainly going to result in a couple of horrible days for my neck and head. I can now play golf a few times a week and still function afterward. I sleep better and have not missed a day of work. I cannot say enough about the life changing effect Dr. Fielhaber and the outstanding Cornerstone Chiropractic staff have had on me."
CMSgt Michael J. Anders
219th Security Forces SEL

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