Dr. Matt Hanson

Dr. Matt Hanson

Dr. Matthew Hanson is a native North Dakotan. After practicing in Minneapolis for a number of years he is pleased to get back to his roots here in ND. Dr. Hanson always had a vision of bringing the big city level of care to the good people he knew and loved growing up so that is why in 2012 he moved to Minot to practice at CornerStone and is now the owner.

Dr. Hanson is an autodidact and is proud of his drive to learn ALL THAT HE CAN to improve the health of his patients and his community. Dr. Hanson has a large knowledge base in the following Chiropractic techniques Diversified, MC11, Torque Release Technique, Thompson Drop, Activator, and QSM3 (upper cervical). Dr. Hanson is also well versed in coaching and practicing the tenets of the Paleo and Ketogenic lifestyle.

Dr. Hanson is currently the only Doctor in North Dakota certified in the QSM3 technique and one of less than a hundred in the world.

Dr. Hanson enjoys spending time with his family, hunting, fishing, reading, and anything to do with the outdoors. Dr. Hanson would also have to admit that he has a mild Netflix addiction.

Dr. Hanson accepts the responsibility to do his utmost to improve the health and well-being of every patient he has the honor of working with and realizes he and his patients are lucky to be taken care of by the amazing team at CornerStone and to be a part of the CornerStone family.

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