Dr. Matt Hanson

Dr. Matt Hanson


I came to chiropractic a bit late in life. I was in my late 20’s and was having daily headaches, chronic low back pain and suffering from panic attacks. I thought all this was normal. It wasn’t till I felt a sudden and clear calling to be a chiropractor that I started getting adjusted regularly. I have not looked back since.  Not only have all of those problems gone to the wayside, my health has also improved in countless other areas!! My family and I enjoy extremely good health and it is not an accident. We enjoy good health by making sure our nervous systems (the master control system in our bodies) is free from interference. We do that by getting regular chiropractic adjustments and living a healthy lifestyle. I have been on the other side of health and I don’t want to go back. My mission for the past 15 years is to try to help other individuals and families experience the type of health me and my family have!   

When I am not in the clinic adjusting or working on ways to improve the health of my community I enjoy a lot of different outdoor activities. In the summer I am usually outside working on my yard, fishing, playing with my dogs, or going on walks or bike rides. In the winter/fall I enjoy exercising, hunting, working on projects in my shop, and finding a great show to binge. All in all I enjoy spending time with my family and working with the great patients and team at CornerStone.  

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