Dr. William Fielhaber

Dr. William Fielhaber


Sometimes I think it was sheer luck I choose to be a chiropractor, but I know better than that. I’m meant to be where I am and couldn’t be more thankful. My life is filled with the privilege of hearing the amazing guys, gals, kids, and teens we adjust, share their “miracle” stories about how good they feel and how their life has improved or changed drastically for the better with chiropractic adjustments. Who gets to have that much fun at “work”?! I’m incredibly thankful to be a part of the CornerStone Chiropractic team and be able to deliver life changing adjustments bringing hope and healing to so many.

I saw my first chiropractic “miracle” when I was young. My mom had Bell’s Palsy so bad that her right eye was bulging out creating terrible pain and drooping of the right side of her face from paralysis of her facial nerve. The medical solution offered was to cut the nerve. They told her it may give her some pain relief, but it would leave her face and mouth drooping and her right eye bulging out grotesquely. She felt that was unacceptable. She went on a search and found a fantastic chiropractor in Minot who was willing to adjust her to help her body heal itself if at all possible. She began with daily adjustments for four weeks and she started to slowly notice changes in pain levels and a return of movement and power to her facial nerve. Her adjustments continued daily or every other day over the next 4-12 weeks and her eye swelling shrank little by little until all of symptoms completely disappeared and you couldn’t even tell she had anything wrong. Now that’s a miracle! My wife, Tania’s, grandfather and great aunt were chiropractors and so she grew up getting adjusted as well.

We celebrated our daughter, Wynn, turning 12 years old this last year and she has been adjusted since birth. In our family we have sought out chiropractic care for virtually anything and everything…as our first choice. Our bodies are incredible healing miracles when nerve interference is removed and a full expression of that life giving power can get through. I am so thankful you found us and even shared just a few minutes of your time with us. When I’m not adjusting or meeting with my team, you can find me on the pickleball court, camping at the lake, hiking, or traveling with Tania and Wynn…oh and I can’t leave out our golden doodle, Ruffles. Cheers and see you getting adjusted or on the trail!

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